My Sweet Wesley

“Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered” Proverbs 28:26

Warning: Spoilers

Recently, a hit documentary named Making a Murderer aired on Netflix. Upon the high recommendation of friends, I watched it. After, I read some of the numerous articles on the case and talked with other friends that had seen it as well – it’s fascinating to say the least.

Now, IF the two men, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, are indeed innocent (as the documentary is tilted for you to believe) THEN I have one thought at the forefront of my mind: Brendan Dassey is spending his entire life in prison over a lie (his confession) he told at 16 years old. It’s almost too much to bear.

Watching, I cringed with every new detail he mumbled to hungry investigators and every incriminating guess he took as he dug his pit deeper and deeper. As the episodes go on, most of you probably thought the same thing I did: “Oh for the love of Pete! JUST STOP TALKING!”

It all reminded me of Ps. 19:7b,

“For the testimony (commandment) of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple,”

God commanded us to tell the truth and not to lie. Brendan could have been confused, frustrated, tricked and way out of his league (a sixteen year old with an IQ of 70 and a fourth grade reading level against two professional interrogators), but had he resolved first and foremost never to lie as God said, he would be free today. Let that sink in.

He would have been a living example of Psalm 19:7, because even though he was at a disadvantage intellectually, he could have made a brilliant choice. The pressure may have been intense, but a toddler can understand the concept: just tell the truth. No more. No less. That’s it. There is nothing complicated about it. God’s law is a protector for all of us, especially from ourselves, and it would have protected him then. It would not have been easy, but it would have been simple.

“Righteousness (in our case, telling the truth) guards him whose way is blameless…” Proverbs 13:6

Matthew Henry gives this commentary concerning this portion of the verse:

“An honest desire to do right (“right” for our purposes is honesty), preserves a man from fatal mistakes, better than a thousand fine-drawn distinctions.”

Obeying God’s law will do a better job of keeping you from “fatal mistakes” than a mind with triple the mental faculties (one that could run academic laps around the rest of us).

Which brings me to another young man similar to Brendan’s age. His name is Wesley. God so kindly crossed our paths with this saint several years ago, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the privilege of knowing him. Because truly, to know him is to love him; he is everyone’s sweet Wesley. But outside of his incredible demeanor, he has one other glaring attribute you cannot miss: Wesley is a wise man. The test for wisdom is not if you understand complicated math or pontificate on the meaning of life, it is if you fear God and obey His commands. Wesley does both.

He floods his Facebook with scripture and quotes from Christian books I presume he is reading, and for a time He believed God had called him to walk around his hometown carrying a wooden cross. When people asked him about it, he shared the gospel with them. These days he believes the Lord is calling him to go out into the world and pick up trash. Seriously, the world needs more Wesleys. He has given his life to Jesus and he makes choices that reflect that: he is storing treasures in heaven, avoiding the pitfalls many of his peers are falling in, and his witness is inspiring those far more spiritually mature around him. Yes, Wesley is a wise man.

God’s law has and will protect him from many thorny situations that will most definitely come his way should he choose obedience to it. Following God’s mandates will prevent him (and us) from becoming a cautionary tale like Brendan. It may be hard to do, but it is plain, pure, and accessible to all of us – even the feeble minded.

“Just came home out from carry the cross of the wonderful joyful praise sweeter joy of Jesus Christ…Blessing really blessing Of The Lord having to meet when i just out carry the cross of the Lord. Blessing just back home. Late. Home its 7:07 pm 7:07 pm back home God loves you he really does Wesley really always daily have to say loves you.” Wesley


  1. So well said. Wesley is truly one of a kind. I am blessed to have met such a wise young man.

  2. Wesley….a rare blessing from God that has inspired and challenged me over the past few years. I love him dearly as a Brother in the LORD. Thank you for sharing these truths. Being child like unto the LORD, what a HUGE blessing.

  3. The Lord has gifted you with wisdom too, Jena and a beautiful way with words. We give thanks for you and Wesley and pray that the Lord’s truths continue to be spoken and lived out!

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